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Rs Phone Prospector Review: Build Quality B2C Phone Leads


Rs Phone Prospector Review, The Best phone number extractor generator Software For Producing Quality Phone Number Leads, If you work in the lead generation industry or any business you are into, you are aware of the value of high-quality phone numbers leads. You may quickly produce high-quality phone number leads generator with RS Phone Prospector without squandering time or resources. The reasons why this program is the ideal option for anyone trying to create quality phone number leads quickly and easily are covered in detail in this in-depth RS Phone Prospector Review . We’ll talk about what makes RS Phone Prospector special, what features it has to offer, how to utilize it well, and other things. Discover why RS Phone Prospector is your top pick for best phone number extractor lead generation software by reading the review below.

Rs Phone Prospector Review

RS Phone Prospector Review: What is it all about?

A sophisticated piece of software called RS Phone Prospector assists users in generating high-quality phone number leads. The software is the greatest option for individuals or business owners who want to produce high-quality leads because it has a user-friendly interface and offers users a variety of capabilities.

The Functions of RS Phone Prospectorbest phone number extractor

Finding quality leads can be difficult and time-consuming, but RS Phone Prospector’s best phone number extractor lead creation software streamlines the process. You may swiftly create high-quality phone numbers leads in any niche using RS Phone Prospector for your marketing and sales initiatives.

The software searches the internet for public documents and data sources. The quality phone numbers it generates for your leads are then based on this data. Your current leads list can be checked and cleaned using RS Phone Prospector.

The fact that RS Phone Prospector is so simple to use is its best feature. Simply type in your desired keyword or sector, and the software will handle the rest. You’ll have a list of excellent phone numbers that you can use to contact your target market in no time.

RS Phone Prospector: Pros and Cons

In this RS Phone Prospector evaluation, we’ll carefully examine the benefits and drawbacks of this potent lead creation tool.

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  1. The use of RS Phone Prospector to produce high-quality phone number leads is highly effective. In our tests, it produced hundreds of high-quality leads rapidly and without difficulty.
  2. Even for individuals who have never used lead generation software before, the program is quite simple to use. All you need to do is enter your target regions and keywords, and RS Phone Prospector will handle the rest.
  3. RS Phone Prospector has an integrated auto-dialer, allowing you to start phoning your new leads right away without the need for an additional program.
  4. You can create up to 100 leads with the RS Phone Prospector trial edition so you can test it out before committing to a monthly/yearly membership. start your free trial


  1. Because RS Phone Prospector is such a potent lead generation tool, there is a small learning curve associated with it. The software does, however, come with thorough training resources that should help you catch up quickly.
  2. Some small businesses or people on a tight budget might not be able to afford the RS Phone Prospector monthly subscription fee. But given the caliber of leads it produces, we think most firms will find it to be well worth the cost.

What is the price of RS Phone Prospector?

With the help of the potent lead creation software RS Phone Prospector, customers can produce high-quality phone number leads at a reasonable cost. The program is a great option for businesses of all sizes because it provides a wide range of features and advantages.

If you’re looking for a strong lead generation tool, you might be curious about the price of RS Phone Prospector. The reply is that it depends on the strategy you pick. Three alternative pricing tiers are offered by RS Phone Prospector:

The software’s fundamental functions, including the capacity to produce up to 500 leads each day, are all accessible with the Basic Plan, which costs $0per month. start your free trial

You can produce up to 1,000s of leads every day with the Professional Plan, which costs $199 per year and offers you access to all the software’s capabilities.

You can produce unlimited leads per day with the PRO Plan, which costs $499/per Year and offers you access to all the software’s capabilities.

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So, what is the price of RS Phone Prospector? Depending on the plan you select. RS Phone Prospector is an excellent choice if you require a strong lead-generating solution that can swiftly create a large volume of leads.

Rs Phone Prospector pricing- best phone number extractor
Rs Phone Prospector pricing- best phone number extractor

How can I purchase RS Phone Prospector?

RS Phone Prospector is the greatest product on the market if you’re seeking for a reliable phone number lead generation tool. Where can I purchase it?

-The website for RS Phone Prospector

  • Then click on product button on their website
  • choose the rs phone prospector
  • and choose a plan for yourself and start generating quality phone leads for your business start a free trial

That is RS Phone Prospector’s official retailers website. You can be confident you’re obtaining a genuine copy of the software when you buy from the website.

What Qualifies as RS Phone Prospector’s Features?

RS Phone Prospector is the best option for you if you’re seeking for phone number leads generator software that can help you produce high-quality phone number leads. With its extensive feature set, this robust lead generation software and phone number extractor online software is the ideal tool for any organization.

The following are some of RS Phone Prospector’s best features:

  1. A sophisticated search engine that makes it simple to locate potential clients in your target market.
  2. An integrated dialer that enables you to rapidly get in touch with your leads.
  3. A CRM program that aids in tracking your communications with each lead.
  4. A library of scripts that you may customize to make it simple to follow up with leads.
  5. A reporting system that enables you to monitor the success of your campaigns.
  6. with a lot more!

Contact Administration
Every search you conduct will be immediately saved on the contacts tab, and you may export all of the results at any moment with headers containing the date and time of extraction.

Duplicate leads can be eliminated, and you can delete and filter leads that you scraped based on the contact’s name, contact number, or title, Contact Company, Contact source URL, or search terms. By doing so, you can avoid exporting surplus leads and improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Without logging in, Social Networking Search RS Phone Prospector enables you to collect an infinite number of numbers for your potential clients from LinkedIn and other social media networks.

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The primary goal of RS Phone Prospector is to locate new consumers’ live direct phone numbers. Particularly, a LinkedIn search can give you detailed information about your prospects, such as their full name, phone number, job title, company name, and LinkedIn profile URL. As a result, you can start by creating a customized marketing strategy.

Pro attributes
A complex Pro feature called “Bulk” search enables you to bulk submit your selected keywords to phone numbers for search. One action allows you to produce up to 100 search queries, which on average might result in 15k leads.

Using a pending search, you can also decide to pause extraction and resume it whenever you choose.

The built-in proxy feature in the pro edition enables users to securely collect an infinite amount of phone numbers without interfering with social networks or internet search engines.

extractor phone number
extractor phone number

RS Phone Prospector: Is it a Scam or a Real App?

There are numerous software applications available that make the claim to be the finest in lead generation. One of them is RS Phone Prospector. However, is RS Phone Prospector genuine or a scam?

In this RS Phone Prospector review, we’ll examine the program’s features, functionality, and viability as a lead generation tool and we have try the software out and will give it 100% pass mark

RS Phone Prospector is a trustworthy tool for generating leads, yes. The program has undergone testing and been shown to be successful. RS Phone Prospector is definitely a tool to take into consideration if you’re seeking for a means to produce high-quality phone number leads.


In conclusion, the RS Phone Prospector is absolutely something to think about if you’re searching for best phone number extractor software that can produce high-quality phone number leads. Even novice users will find it simple to use thanks to its intuitive dashboard and user-friendly layout. You may quickly and correctly narrow down your search results using the various filters, providing you instant access to high-quality leads. This software establishes itself as a useful tool for any sales or marketing professional who needs accurate information on prospective consumers thanks to its broad range of capabilities. Start Your Free Trial

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