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How to use pc vs phone upload youtube shorts 2022


wants to know How to use pc vs phone upload youtube shorts 2022? Uploading a video to YouTube is one of the quickest and easiest ways to share your content with the world. But what if you want to upload a video on your phone? Or, what if you want to upload a video that’s relatively short? In this article, we will explore the different ways you can upload videos to YouTube on your pc or phone. We will also provide some tips create youtube shorts on pc and your phone in a more professional way that goes viral and how to delete a youtube shorts

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What is the difference between pc and phone upload youtube shorts?

Uploading YouTube videos to your computer and then posting them online is a great way to share your videos with the world. However, uploading videos to your phone and posting them online is a quick and easy way to share them with your friends and family. Here are some key differences between uploading videos to your pc and phone:

-When you upload youtube videos from your pc, you have the option to select a desired resolution for the video. This allows viewers to watch your video in a variety of formats, including HD. When you upload videos to your phone, however, the default resolution is typically low quality unless you use good video editing software before uploading your youtube short from your phone

-When you upload videos from your pc to youtube short, you can add text subtitles and music tracks for an enhanced viewing experience. You cannot do this when uploading youtube shorts video from your phone there are not many advanced video elements options on it

-When you are uploading youtube shorts from your phone, you have the option of adding slideshows or other special effects to enhance the viewing experience. You cannot do this when you upload a youtube shorts video directly from your pc

-You can post youtube short videos on multiple websites at once using desktop software like Windows Movie Maker or iMovie. You cannot do this when you upload videos from mobile phones to platforms like YouTube or Facebook.

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In 2022 and beyond, it will be possible to upload Youtube shorts on a computer or phone. This is due to the widespread adoption of 4K resolution as well as virtual reality headsets. Uploading videos this way will be much faster and more efficient

How to create Viral and professional youtube shorts Videos?

Uploading YouTube videos to your phone is a great way to share your videos with friends and family and you must be connected to the internet. If you’re using a computer, however, there are some advantages to uploading video clips this way. For one thing, you can use Microsoft Expression Studio to create a more professional-looking video clip. You can also add music and sound effects to your clips, which can give them an extra element of polish. Finally, exporting your clips as MP4 files allows you to share them with other viewers on devices like tablets and smartphones.

What are the benefits of uploading youtube shorts Videos from pc vs phone?

Uploading videos to YouTube on a computer offers several benefits that uploading videos to YouTube on a phone does not. For one, computer-uploaded videos are typically larger in file size than phone-uploaded videos. This is because computers have more storage space than phones and can handle larger video files. Additionally, computer-uploaded videos often look better due to the increased quality of editing software available on personal computers. Finally, many online video platforms, such as Maker Studios and VidIQ, offer additional monetization options – such as ads and sponsorship opportunities – that are not available with YouTube on a phone and you will also get access to advance video elements settings on a pc which are not available on phone

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how to delete a youtube shorts Video

Deleting a YouTube video is simple, but there are a few things to keep in mind before you do it.

First, make sure you are deleting the video from the official YouTube website. If you delete the video from a user’s account, that user will be able to see the video again if they save it to their account.

Second, make sure you are deleting the video from the YouTube video itself, not from the YouTube account that the video is associated with. If you delete the video from the account, the video will still be visible to users who have the video saved to their account, but it will not be visible on the YouTube website.

Finally, be sure to delete the video completely before you delete the YouTube account. If you delete the YouTube account but leave the video up, other users will be able to see the video and re-post it.

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  2. From the left menu, select Content.
  3. Point to the video you’d like to delete and select More. Delete forever.
  4. Check the box to acknowledge that your video will be permanently deleted.

How to use phone to upload Videos to youtube shorts

Step-1: Open YouTube mobile app and sign in.

Step-2: Click on the + sign in the bottom center .

pc vs phone upload youtube shorts 2022

Step-3: Select “Create A short” from the drop-down menu.

create youtube shorts on pc

Step-4: choose the video you want to upload or use your camera to record new video

Step-5: Click on the “Choose File” button.

Step-6: Select the video you want to upload and click on the “Upload” button.

Step-7: The video will be uploaded to YouTube and will appear in the “Uploads” section of the YouTube website. then people will start seeing your videos on youtube

How to use pc to upload Videos to youtube shorts

Do you want to keep up with your YouTube channel without spending hours learning how to use their video tools? , you can now take charge of creating and uploading friendly videos.

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Upload Short from a computer:

Sign in to YouTube Studio.

When you’ve finished your video, click CREATE on the top-left corner of your screen to save it.

how to delete a youtube shorts

Select a short-video file:

Up to 60 seconds.

With an aspect ratio of either square or vertical.

Make sure to add #Shorts to your YouTube titles and descriptions to help us find your videos more easily.

You can choose up to 15 individual video clips at a time, but be sure to complete your video details before you publish.

Anyone with a YouTube account can change their video’s privacy settings. If you’re 13–17 years old and have an account, your video’s default privacy setting is private. As you age 18 and older (or if you’re under 13), your default setting changes to public viewing.


It’s no secret that smartphones are becoming increasingly popular, both among consumers and businesses. But what about uploading YouTube videos on a PC? Is it still the best way to go? The answer, as it turns out, is a little bit complicated. On one hand, uploads on PCs tend to be a bit more polished due to the ability to edit video clips before uploading. This means that your videos will look better and have fewer glitches than if you uploaded them directly from your phone. Additionally, you can add music and other effects which cannot be done on mobile devices. However, there are some downsides too: for example, uploads on PCs tend to take longer than on phones and they can be more expensive to produce. So ultimately, it comes down to personal preference – what works best for you in terms of video quality and how much time you want to spend making your video look perfect.

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